Merry month of May

It was great to be sailing once again on the Hudson off
Haverstraw, N.Y. We missed the first race of the season
by relying on unnatural forces: the car didn't start so the
crew couldn't get there. May 16 more than made it up,
breaking in a new crewman, Mourad Fam, who helped the
Viking come in first in the C1 class. Seasoned sailor Neal
filled in on the 23rd when a stiff wind foamed whitecaps
and made the 5-mile Y course a breeze. In contrast, the
month closed with a relaxing sail. Uh. Fishing while you're
becalmed doesn't disqualify a boat from a race ... does it?
Sailor Bob's Self Portrait May 30 Hudson Cove Race
Sometimes there's nothing more refreshing than a gentle
breeze, but not when you're sailing. Wind fuels the engine and
the J-27 was running on low-octane fuel. Surely the dog days
of summer could not have arrived at the end of May. The 2.4
mile course seemed to take forever as we watched the tell
snails dangle limply on the jib. Nevertheless it was good to be
on the Hudson off Haverstraw. But I'd better watch out what I
wish for. Better a zephyr than zero wind or a gale.
Photos © Bob Sterner
A good clean start C(luster) Start

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