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Sailor Bob's Self Portrait
Aug. 23 Hudson Cove race

A's off to a start
Grade A Rail Meat
Photos © Bob Sterner
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Over For
Don't Look Back, Paul!
Aug. 9 Hudson Cove race
Oops! It was the Viking's turn for a lesson in
humility when the lunar race of outgoing tide
washed us into the committee boat's anchor
line. Sorry no closeup shots. This certified
Grade A rail meat's hands were busy keeping
the Hatter from getting any Madder.
Dream Chaser
Leg 1 Heat
It's A Race
Christiana Finish
A Start
D Mark
1 Boat Over The Line
Heel Chi Heel!
A's jockey. Barge beyond line.
Aug. 2 Hudson Cove race
Great way to beat the 100F heat wave!
They're off!
Nice Spinnakers
Bug A Boo
Off to
A race
Haverstraw Sunset
Is that the mark?
Second Leg
Where's the line?
That Line!
Madame Baud
Third Leg Chase
Aug. 30 Hudson Cove race
Bug A Boo!
Fleet Street
Which way to go?
The Line
Wind? Whuzzat?
A slow start
They're ... uh ... off
Three Sheets 2 Doldrums
Hatters, Mad Squared
End of the line
Mark 2
Try Solar Power?